Handcrafted Jewelry

Sterling and Fine Silver Jewelry

Handcrafted by Jim, Cindy, and Eric Rice

What's In A Name

I have been fascinated by turtles from as early as I can remember. I also love to read Native American literature and Turtle Old Man was a character in many of my favorites - hence the name.

Artist's Statement

We combine sterling or fine silver with more than 140 different gemstones, fossils, meteorites, crystals, ancient stone artifacts and other unusual materials to create unique jewelry pieces.

The incredible beauty and diversity of natural forms has always pulled at me, and I am especially taken by fossils and meteorites. There is something about their great age and capacity for duration. The implicit yet secret stories they carry draw me to attempt to display them so that others might share their inscrutable and powerful beauty......most of all, hopefully to elicit that delicious sense of wonder they evoke for me.

I strive to showcase these natural creations as the focal point and use my metalwork in a secondary supporting role. This serves to present the piece for the enjoyment of the wearer and also for the observer.

--Jim Rice